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Welcome to the Gilmore Center!

An adult day center of specialized care, safety, and happiness, proudly serving residents across the Greater Prince George’s County, Maryland area. 

About Us

Putting your loved one in adult day care comes at more than a financial cost. It comes with an overwhelming feeling of guilt and sometimes confusion.

We Promise to care for your loved one and you – the Caregiver!

We do not want to worry either of you. Monday through Friday between 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM, our priority is to make your loved one feel at home. They will create joyful memories through our many adult day services and programs.
Let’s get your loved one the best in adult day care and let’s get you back to the things that make you happy and feel like yourself again.

Our Mission

We serve adults with varying needs across the Greater Prince George’s County, Maryland area. There is no age minimum!  Our commitment to you is that your loved one will leave each day feeling seen, heard, provided for, and safe.

We do this by our daily offering of classroom activities, interactive opportunities including breakfast and lunch meals, and close supervision provided by licensed healthcare professionals.

Our Vision

We guarantee this through an individualized Plan of Care that outlines your loved ones need for assistance with Activities for Daily Living (ADL’s). We will build this together – with you, your loved one’s primary care physician (PCP) and our licensed clinical staff including the Registered Nurse and Medical Director.

We make sure your loved one is:

    • Improving physical health
    • Growing their brain function
    • Being welcomed with open arms into our community of adults
    • And most of all, staying safe

Our Services

As humans, we love interaction.  We enjoy meeting people we don’t know, revisiting a place we love, or experiencing something new.  No matter what age we are, we all need this! 

The National Institute on Aging tells us that older adults with an engaging routine are less likely to develop certain diseases. They are happier and less depressed. They are also better equipped to cope with the challenges of aging. 

We look forward to meeting with you and your loved one to develop a Plan of Care. We will choose from our variety of adult services and programs to help your loved one enjoy this journey. 

Our staff are licensed health care professionals. They assist adults that face different cognitive, physical, and emotional needs. They assist them with their Activities for Daily Living (ADLs). This includes feeding, toileting, recreational and social needs. We design our services to help adults work through:

  • Forms of cognitive disabilities (Dementia, Alzheimer’s)
  • Physical disabilities (Amputations, Wheelchair, Walkers)
  • Mental and emotional imbalance (Depression, Anxiety)
  • Nutrional Services (Special Dietary Needs; Low Sugar; No Salt)

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Our staff has done research to prove the three (3) experts named as follows can help us sustain independence as we age. These experts are an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. These areas are not only a major need for our adults but also tend to be the most difficult to incorporate after 5pm.

We want your loved one to remain on track with their health and help you to maximize your day. That is why we have a partnership with FirstStep, Rehab, LLC (click here for the forms to sign up). Through this, we have on-site occupational and physical therapy, and speech-language pathology services.
*Note: This requires the approval of your loved one’s Primary Care Physician.

Food & Nutritional Services

A part of focusing on your loved one’s growth is what they eat every day! We promise to feed your loved one a clean, healthy, balanced meal during their stay with us. We include breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Your loved one is free to choose from different options each day.

We invite you to look at a sample menu by clicking the links below:

Sample Breakfast Menu
Sample Lunch Menu

We provide snacks in the afternoons before departure, too!

Counseling & Therapy

We put ourselves in your shoes. There is an emotional toll that happens between you and your loved one as they face the new realities of aging. That is why we have a board-certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) under contract. The social worker reviews notable changes to the Plan of Care and assesses your loved one’s needs to determine their need for:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Inter-Disciplinary Group Counseling
  • Family Support Group Meeting

You or your loved one can also meet for extra support from our Social Worker who will help with:

  • Navigating your unique challenges
  • Identifying community based resources
  • Referrals for your loved one to outside programs and/or professionals

Memory Care

Cognitive Brain Function (CBF) Workshops
Your loved one’s journey affects how they think and even impacts how they behave. This is difficult. Our Memory Care workshops focus on cognitive brain function (CBF). CBF is an area we know we can improve upon during aging through music, song, dance, exercise and other sensory experiences. training, research and development . We run these workshops using certified instructors.

These instructors are:

  • Sheila Brown, Certified Instructor
  • Nadine Cager, Certified Instructor
  • Walter Ware, Professional Entertainer

They have experience working with:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients
  • Long term caregiving
  • Many years in the industry working with the elderly

Our goal with these workshops is for your loved one to practice memory recall. We want them to express memories through speaking, hand body motion exercises, and expressions of creativity through arts and crafts.


Our Community’s Experience With Us

We appreciate the feedback from our participants, caregivers, and our instructors.

“I enjoy coming to the Gilmore Center because it makes me feel useful. I stay busy throughout the day helping others to support the program.”

Andre Deloatche, Participant


“I enjoy my time at the Gilmore Center because of the activities. It makes my day go faster. I mostly enjoy interacting with others.”

Andrea Mitchell, Participant


“Thank you for the wonderful care you gave mom while she was with you these last few years. The love and support and caregiver workshop were a Godsend. Continue to do God’s work. I’ll bring mom by soon to say hello.”
~Beech-Martin, Caregiver


“Thanks again for everything you did for my loved one. You enabled her to have a wonderful life full of people and caring activities. I truly appreciate the patience and love you gave her each day.” 

~Connie Nero, Caregiver


“The participants at Gilmore are a delightful group of students. Teaching them brings me great joy and gives me an opportunity to stimulate and motivate them. I can see it in their eyes that I’m helping them reinforce their worth in the community.”

~Nadine Cager, SAGE Instructor

“There is always a sense of excitement and happiness when I walk in the door. We make remembering fun! The brain exercises are easy and related to everyday life. We laugh together. No one feels left out. If I can touch someone through the experience, then I will have accomplished what God has given me to do!”

~Sheila Brown, Certified Memory Care Instructor

“I am honored to offer a word on my experience at the Gilmore Center. As a service provider, I can definitely say that the center provides a five star level family oriented facility. Without question, I often recommend the center to those seeking a loving, compassionate and competent place for their loved one. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to offer my highest endorsement.”

~JWN – DScPT, BSPT , FirstStep Rehab, LLC